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Arcana Tactics

Arcana Tactics Codes (September 2023)

Arcana Tactics is a fighting role-playing game that combines Japanese anime style with cute chibi for mobile devices. Random strategy RPG that requires deep calculation and analysis! In the game from Com2uS Holdings Corporation, you will merge different randomly received heroes to complete your own Arcana squad!

To upgrade the character as well as stronger equipment, you need to have a lot of resources in the game. That’s where Arcana Tactics Codes comes into play. You can use the Arcana Tactics Codes in the list below to get loads of free rewards. Let’s explore this list with Xaogame!

Summary about Arcana Tactics

NameArcana Tactics
Developer byCom2uS Holdings Corporation
Game genreRole Playing
Compatible withAndroid 6.0 and up, iOS 9.0 or later
Get it onGoogle Play

List of Arcana Tactics Codes (September 2023)

Arcana Tactics is a Korean mobile card role-playing game revolving around the battle to defend the stronghold and explore the expansion of the territory of legendary heroes. Like other mobile games, the publisher also offers giftcodes for you to have the opportunity to receive free gifts.

The free gifts from the publisher help you to upgrade your character as well as stronger equipment. So finding new Arcana Tactics Gift Codes has become a fun activity for every player, even for seasoned players or new players.

Xaogame has compiled all the new, active Arcana Tactics Codes in the list below. However, currently the number of codes is still quite small, so please follow this article and visit often to receive the latest Arcana Tactics Codes. The following is a list of Arcana Tactics Codes of (September 2023).

arcanadiscord Redeem this coupon code for 300 Crystals (iOS link is given below)
gold500000 Redeem this coupon code for 500k Gold
GSIKARCANA Redeem this coupon code for 600 Crystals
ZDFAJKDL3E4Y Redeem this coupon code for 20,000 Gold
10REALGOLD000 Redeem this coupon code for 10k Gold
0316gold50000 Redeem this coupon code for 50k Gold
03RANDOMMAJOR10 Redeem this coupon code for x1 Random Major Arcana
love10arcana Redeem this coupon code for x10 Arcana Summon Ticket
reward0309at Redeem this coupon code for 3000 Crystals

With Arcana Tactics Codes, you can enter in the game’s redemption center and exchange for gold, crystals, summon tickets, and other exclusive items. Those are all necessary items and resources for you to upgrade your character and progress quickly in the game.

However, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind that Arcana Tactics Codes will have a certain shelf life. If you don’t want to miss the chance to get these rewards, you should quickly log into the game and redeem the code in the game’s redemption center immediately.

What are Arcana Tactics Codes?

If you’re a seasoned gamer, you’re likely no stranger to the concept of Arcana Tactics Codes. However, if you’re new to the game or just discovering Arcana Tactics for the first time, these codes will surely bring a breath of fresh air. Let’s delve into the concept of Arcana Tactics Codes together.

Arcana Tactics Codes are unique combinations of letters and numbers generated by the game developers. These codes can be entered into the game’s redemption center, allowing you to unlock valuable and free rewards in Arcana Tactics.

Arcana Tactics Gift Codes
Arcana Tactics Gift Codes

It’s important to note that Arcana Tactics Codes may contain both uppercase and lowercase letters. When entering these codes into the game, precision is key. Make sure to spell them correctly as shown on our list. alternatively, you can simply copy and paste the codes into the designated “enter code” section to avoid any typos. Keep in mind that even a single mistyped character will prevent you from redeeming the rewards associated with the code.

As for the specific rewards offered by Arcana Tactics Codes, they vary and can include valuable resources to enhance your characters and in-game items. By redeeming these codes, you’ll gain a significant advantage, progressing faster in the game and gain much-needed resources.

It’s worth noting that the shelf life of Arcana Tactics Codes is often undisclosed, so time is of the essence. Don’t hesitate – log into the game now and those Arcana Tactics Codes as soon as you finish reading this article.

In conclusion, Codes provide a fantastic opportunity to acquire valuable rewards that will aid you in your journey. So, take advantage of these gift codes and enjoy the benefits they bring to your Arcana Tactics experience.

How to redeem code in Arcana Tactics?

Good news for you! Just like Immortal Awakening, Arcana Tactics features an in-game redemption center, making it super convenient to redeem your codes without the hassle of visiting external websites. Follow these simple steps to redeem your codes in Arcana Tactics:

Step 1: First, open the game and log in to your account. At the main interface of Arcana Tactics, tap Menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

How to redeem code in Arcana Tactics
How to redeem code in Arcana Tactics

Step 2: In the Menu, select Info -> Redeem Code.

How to redeem code in Arcana Tactics
How to redeem code in Arcana Tactics

Step 3: Click Enter Your Promo Code Here.

Step 4: Enter the code in the blank box and press Enter.

How to redeem code in Arcana Tactics
How to redeem code in Arcana Tactics

Step 5: Return to the main screen, click on the envelope icon in the upper right corner.

Step 6: In the Mailbox, press Claim to receive the gift.

That’s it! You have successfully redeemed your code in Arcana Tactics. Enjoy the rewards and make the most of them to enhance your gameplay experience. Remember to keep an eye out for new codes in the future, as they can provide you with valuable resources and benefits. Happy gaming in Arcana Tactics!

How to get more Arcana Tactics Codes

Com2uS Holdings Corporation, the publisher of Arcana Tactics, has generously provided free gift codes that can greatly enhance your journey in the game. These codes offer valuable rewards that will make your gameplay experience smoother and more enjoyable right from the start. To obtain these Arcana Tactics Codes, you’ll want to keep an eye on the game’s official social media platforms, including Twitter, Discord, Facebook, and Instagram.

How to get more Arcana Tactics Codes
How to get more Arcana Tactics Codes

By regularly visiting and following Arcana Tactics’s social media accounts, you’ll have the opportunity to collect these codes. Make sure to check out their official Facebook page at, join their Discord community at, and follow them on Twitter at

To ensure that you stay up to date with the latest Arcana Tactics Codes, the best course of action is to follow Xaogame and regularly visit their website. Xaogame will be diligently updating the list of Arcana Tactics Codes in this article every time a new code is released. By doing so, you won’t miss out on any opportunities to acquire valuable rewards. Additionally, Xaogame also provides gift codes for various other games, allowing you to expand your collection of codes and rewards.

So, be sure to follow Arcana Tactics’s social media channels and stay connected with Xaogame for the latest updates on Arcana Tactics Codes. With these codes in hand, you’ll be well on your way to enhancing your gameplay and achieving greatness in Arcana Tactics.

How to play Arcana Tactics

Coming to Arcana Tactics, you will step into a fantasy land where knights are fighting against the forces that worship dark magic with a plot to destroy the whole world. As a princess, you must gather the most elite warriors and fight together against powerful enemies.

The game has 2 game modes, PvP and PvE, allowing you to choose any mode you like. With PvP mode, you can challenge with your squad against other players to compete high and low, the purpose is to find a better leader who deserves a high rank and then get more valuable gifts from the game.

How to play Arcana Tactics
How to play Arcana Tactics

With PvE mode, you can fight with your squad with monsters or computer-controlled characters, depending on the level, the difficulty of PvE increases gradually. The purpose of this mode is for you to collect experience and valuable items.

The main quest is the one that unlocks only when you reach a certain level and the latter only opens when the previous one is completed. The main quest helps you understand more about the plot. Extremely valuable completion rewards or unlocking new exciting features.

Side quests are missions that will be refreshed every day to help you gain experience to level up to unlock the main mission and as a reminder for gamers not to miss interesting features in the game. Depending on the difficulty, the rewards received have different values. Event quests are missions that only appear on special occasions such as game birthdays, holidays, etc. This is your chance to hunt for exclusive items or equipment with very limited appearances.

Create your own battle group with diverse Arcanas! Let fate dictate that the unique card among the 70 Arcana cards will lead you on your exciting journey. Immerse yourself in real-time random defense where you can test your thinking ability against tough opponents!


Amazing, above is all the information about Arcana Tactics Codes that Xaogame wants to share with you. In addition, you will also learn how to redeem codes in Arcana Tactics and how to get more codes. Arcana Tactics is an exciting style action role-playing experience that you should experience. If you want to search for codes of many other games, follow Xaogame to receive codes as soon as possible.