Top 5+ Best Game For Mobile 2023 You Should Try

Today, with the growing needs of human entertainment, the demand for quality is increasingly high. Games are also part of the entertainment industry. And it is also evolving to meet that need.

The gaming market is very large, so there are many game developers who have been participating in this competition. That is why many games have been released around the world. Because of that, players have more choices. And today Xaogame will synthesize the best current games on your phone for you.

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1. Among us

Emerging as a cult game in late 2020, Among Us has become a phenomenon in the game market in Vietnam as well as around the world. Among Us is a multiplayer online action game and is very suitable for players who like logic inference gameplay.

Among Us will take place on a spaceship. In which each player will take on a role, most will be crew and have 1-3 imposters. The crew members will perform all missions on the map and identify an imposter to take him off the ship. The impostor’s job was to kill the crew members and pretend to be on duty to avoid suspicion. Dead crewmembers can still perform their duties.

The game ends only when the crew complete the mission or eliminate all the impostors (the crew wins), when the crew is equal to the number of the impostor, the impostor wins.

2. Free Fire

Free Fire is a mobile multiplayer online game released by Garena, officially launched on December 4, 2017 for both Android and iOS platforms. Free Fire has a gameplay similar to PUBG Mobile, there will be 50 people parachuting onto an island, players must look for weapons and equipment to kill, eliminate others, avoid being killed and also have to keep running. into a safe area called a “circle”.

Free Fire – is a 3rd-person survival role-playing game that gives players a fierce war of life and death. Here, players will land on a desert island with parachutes and try to survive. Fight with other enemies and win glory for yourself and your teammates.

Players can fight with 49 other players, all for the sake of survival. Players can choose a location to parachute, land, and collect items to fight other players. The player’s goal is to stay in the safe zone for as long as possible.

Besides, the game also has a lot of tactics for players to choose from: Drive to explore the map and avoid fighting, hide, even become invisible by hiding in the grass…. All just for the goal: “Living long into a legend”

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