Botworld Adventure Tier List

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Botworld Adventure Tier List (September 2023)

Botworld Adventure is an engaging role-playing game with a large and beautiful world. In the game, you can explore as you venture to collect rare scraps and discover new bots. In addition, the game also has a diverse character system with many different characteristics and skills. This can make it difficult to choose the right character for your team. With this Botworld Adventure Tier List, XAOGAME will help you make the most informed decision for the best experience in the game.

Botworld Adventure Tier List (September 2023)

Botworld Adventure Tier List
Botworld Adventure Tier List

When participating in Botworld Adventure, you will enter a vast and wonderful world and it needs to be explored in the best way by you with all possible efforts. This diverse world includes lots of newly discovered bots and the main characters are here to help collect each Bot.

In Botworld Adventure, you will have to fight many different enemies to win. Every battle requires you to come up with some strategic way to defeat your enemies, and every Bot you see here is fully customized. And on top of that, these bots are very unique in their skills, so there’s always plenty to choose from from every Bot.

Enter new environments, meet many characters, collect rare treasures and discover many hidden secrets in the Botworld. You are free to explore many lush forests and arid deserts but make sure you have a strong team of bots as you never know what’s around!

Overcome your enemies in a unique strategic battle system. Your bots will jump, attack, stun or explode around the arena using advanced AI while you choose the perfect abilities to defeat your enemies. Each bot has unique abilities and a powerful ultimate, combine these with your favorite player’s abilities for maximum effect.

Botworld Adventure Tier List – Ranking

We have selected the best bots based on their performance in the game. The four ranks listed in this Botworld Adventure Tier List are as follows:

  • Tier S – The best bots from Botworld Adventure Tier List will be featured here and they can give you certain victory in each match. Each battle will be much easier to conquer with the help of these battles.
  • Tier A – These bots are always good enough to help you successfully donate in-game, and they must be used appropriately to recover from battles. Although the highest level bots encounter them, they are excellent choices to start the battle.
  • Tier B – These ranked bots are definitely not good enough to face powerful bosses, but they are suitable to perform in events, small quests or for your starter phase.
  • Tier C – These bots are not too skilled, but can choose them by looking at their skills. Use them to earn game rewards and fight AI-generated low-level bots.
Tier Characters
Dune Bug
Botworld Adventure Tier List

Best Bots in Botworld Adventure


Ram is a melee bot of the Chaser genre because of its speed and high mobility. In addition to its main role, players using Ram can chase enemy bots as it has control skills that make it possible for him to knock enemies in the air after hitting them.

This is a good melee bot used in the game and it’s related to the chaser category. This bot has the highest mobility and speed of any other bot in the Botworld Adventure tier list and it can easily take down enemies with the best control skills it has.


In Botworld Adventure, the virus belongs to the Brawler Class and has Epic rarity. Virus has been going strong since he was introduced to Botworld adventures. He can bring out his full potential if you put him in the right role of brawler. He has high HP and messes with the enemy team by making them fight each other by breaking into them.

This also means less damage to your team. If you use Virus well with Hypercharge, you can completely neutralize the enemy team’s attack and use it against them. One of the best top bots to have on your team in the current meta.


Icicool doesn’t work well against other bots at all. In theory, his ability should deal decent damage, if only his spread wasn’t three times worse than Scatter’s auto attack.

And even if they all hit the mark, it’s still not an amazing explosion. However, this did not stop people from trying to get him to work. So you can totally give him a try if you like that playstyle.


Thump is a rare type of Bot. Thump is the best harasser in the game. He sticks to your squishy bots like crazy and throws a long rage when you try to push him away. Fist the best CC bot out there, with respectable damage to tanks.


Tether and Halo are two other support bots added to the list in Botworld Adventure. Coming to the lanyard for the first time, he is a special unit with 14,000 health, more than Gusto. His abilities are also more viable here.

You can only use his Team hug in certain situations, which can be tricky. Otherwise good unit in my opinion. Completely undamaged and can mess up the game for you if you don’t use his ultimate correctly. I’ll put him in the S-Tier.

That’s because both his attack and defense are excellent and his movement skills are also very good. But his group hug is situational.


Above is the Botworld Adventure Tier List that we want to share with you. You can take advantage of the useful information from this list to choose the best characters and achieve the highest ranking in the rankings. In the future, this list may change due to possible updates to the game with new heroes and power changes. So follow us to get the best information.