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Comics Bob

Comics Bob – attractive puzzle game with many conundrums, stimulating the player’s creativity. In the Bob Comics, you will join Bob’s adventure in the ancient world with his girlfriend.

Information about Comics Bob

Comics Bob has a similar gameplay to Clue Hunter or Saver Girl. To pass the levels in the game, you must choose exactly 1 of the 2 answers that the game suggests. If in other games when making a wrong choice, the game will stop and you will have to do it again. 

But with Comics Bob is completely different, if you choose the wrong answer you can completely choose the answer of that puzzle. Isn’t that a wonderful thing? So you do not have to spend time replaying from the beginning, and also know what happens if the answer is incorrect.

Winning and losing in Comics Bob is not what the manufacturer is aiming for when designing this game. Which is what you learn from this game? Exploring his world with Bob, helping him and the girl overcome challenges and learn about their story is really what the game is all about.

Download Comics Bob Game for Andoird, iOS, PC Windows

Download Comics Bob game for PC Windows:

PC Windows

Download Comics Bob game for Android:


Download Comics Bob game for iOS (iPhone, iPad):


Video about Comics Bob gameplay

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