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Crusaders Quest

Crusaders Quest Tier List (September 2023)

Crusaders Quest is a classic role-playing game with pixel graphics that takes you back to your childhood memories. With many beautifully designed heroes, you will be spoiled for choice to participate in the journey to protect the land of Hasla. More than 1000 heroes are available in the game and that will make it difficult for you to know which hero to use. To help you with this, Xaogame has created the Crusaders Quest Tier List with a guide to the best heroes in the game.

Crusaders Quest Tier List (September 2023)

Discover the best heroes in Crusaders Quest as we rank them by grandeur. Unleash their unique powers and conquer the challenges that await you! Conquer the Colosseum and real-time PvP Arena to prove your power across Hasla! Get Heroes’ exclusive Soul Weapons and awaken their hidden powers.

In this game, your task is to protect the land of Hasla and the goddesses from the hands of the nefarious. However, with such a large number of heroes, choosing the right heroes to lead your team is not easy. That’s why you should read this Crusaders Quest Tier List to find the best heroes and add them to your team.

Here we will rank all available heroes from strongest to weakest so you can make an informed decision about who will be most effective for your team. So check out our Crusaders Quest Tier List and start building the team of your dreams today.

Crusaders Quest Tier List – All Hero

Crusaders Quest Tier List
Crusaders Quest Tier List

In this guide, we have full information about Crusaders Quest hero tier list for you. With the information mentioned in this list will help you know which are the best heroes in the game to add to your team.

In the tier list below, we’ve ranked the game’s characters by considering the heroes’ strength, rarity, and versatility. This guide will break down the best heroes in the game, ranking them from tier S (best) to tier F (worst). This way you can fill your squad with the best heroes. In there:

  • Tier S: are the best characters of the game. These are the characters you must have or should own. If you own a tier S character, don’t hesitate, make them a priority if you can.
  • Tier A: these characters can also be considered good units and can replace Tier S characters if it is difficult for you to own them. Tier A characters are a bit more common than S rank characters, so you can get them in a variety of ways.
  • Tier B: tier B heroes can be easily found in the game. Although not the best characters, they will be very useful for you for the starting stage.
  • Tier C: tier C heroes have average strength. These heroes are viable but it will take a lot of resources and effort to make them strong
  • Tier D, F: these are the characters with the lowest rank. These heroes are only suitable for the early stages of the game and are useful for some special occasions in the game.
Tier Heroes
STramontana, Briseis, Roland, Schild, Nazrune, Aramis, Livea, Luepow, Leonia, Yeowoodong, Halla, Guts, Ashley, Kaede, Haruki, Malsook, Scarlet, Monte
AJoan, Deokpal Choi, Randgrid, Wolfgang, Jet, Ricky, Sworden, Mengqi, Gueronica, Nebula, Jack, Nurspy, Woopa, Dara, Griffith, Aria, Noel, Heim, Sfera, Lei Ling, Ozma, Francesca, Shub, Ranee, Lion Mask, Nico, Sword, Maiden, Alfyn, Hikari, Pumpking, Dorothy, Djura, Jeomrye
BVictoria, Caeneus, Silver, Linné, Laertes, Snorri, Rachel, Rie, Hera, Anima, Otis, Echidna, Zeus, Tess, Luci, Shasha, Chocolat, Wolfram, Neulsolgil, Hrolf, Seo, Nari, Winston, Ferris, Dempsey, Uzume, Eungaram, Lacrimoso, Nyorori, Fredrick, Monk, Rael, Charlotte, Skadi, Ana, Cream, Ophilia, Mammon, Demona, Pius, Echo, Beako, Weiss Schnee, Hanzo, Himiko, Primrose, Skull Knight, Raven Branwen, Kaguya, Nightingale, Altair, Schierke, Maria, Blake Belladona, Drake, Hols, Iris, Isidro, Kumori, May, Naofumi Iwatani, Nikos, Anzu, Bellerophan, Chai, Spiny, Momotaro, Beatrice, Stanya, Captain, Bari, Zahard
CVivian, Achilles, Alexander, Ares, Athena, Fenrir, Fireaxe, Iori, Isis, Koxinga, Maré, Mundeok, Odin, Olberic, Rochefort, Schula, Siegfried, Sien, Twillie, Yuna, Aurea, Cinder, D’Artagnan, Lilith, Fall, Faust-GG, Hansung, Bihwa, Cano, Demeter, Gwi, Jack-O’, Korin, Leona, Tia, Medea, Mew, Necron, Olga, Sentinel, Serpico, Shu, Thalia, Tressa, Violet, Yichui, Niven, Pyrrha, Rem, Sahad, Gon, Spyro, Arona, Thehyss
DVane, Asamiya, Bahara, Basquiat, Cronette, Ellie, Leon, Susanoo, Kaori, Uzimant, Lionel, Borgos, Harpya, Roskva, Abel, Isabel, Bihyeongrang, Izuna, Cassia, Sim Hak-Gyu, Nefer, Gwen, Morgan, Macaria, Fleck, Lednas, Ranno, Faust, I-no, Krampus, Lazie, Lizardman Priest, Umrat, Urii, Meri, Souffle, Orfeo, Seiren, Stein, Vernil, Sigruna, Robin, R, Giparang, Mamba, Viola, Panpan, Atalante
FSol Badguy, Pumpqueen, Zilong, Asmodeus, Ky Kiske, Millia Rage, Johnny, Baiken, Giovanna, Zato-1, Kyo, Rugal, Laxia, Chris, Dana, Adol, Goblin Slayer, Crusch, Spearman, Raphtalia, Bakumaru, Pochiro, Therion, Thor, Kriemhild, Cain, V, Hector, Shuwen, Cecilia, Dullahan, Rebecca, Ricotta, Filo, Jin-Kyung, Gao, Tart, Zodd, Magnus, Sin Kiske, Billy, Kim, Terry, Yang Xiaolong, Lee, Rahima, Chiron, Set, Tang, Genevie, Arachne, Lindsey, Haerang, Malkah, Ran, Almael, Meleager, Miel, Nottingham, Hong-Ran, Bera, Chipp, Mai, High Elf Archer, Pakaracchi, H’annit, Teresa, Maxi, Crow, Vincent, Luicilla, Viper, No. 9, Mandy, Wilhelm, Saiga, Tia, Dox, Lorelei, Raven, Athos, Carol, Lyudmilla, Cindy, Svenja, Luca, Delrien, AG01 – NEO, AG02 – Layla, AG03- Mel, Lasirenne, Beron, Elphelt, Nora Valkyrie, Hummel, Ruby Rose, Archon, Sasquatch, Benjamin, Osiris, Loki, Lakias, Grim Reaper, Urako, Wang Dao, Labelle, Estelle, Otter, Han Xiangzi, Alice, Mondrian, Uriel, Vesper, Éfendére, Caroline, Affogato, Loviatar, Anesidora, Camilla, Cyrus, Nicola, Yama, Ramlethal, Dizzy, Chizuru, Shermie, Little Girl, Ram, Emilia, Dwarf Shaman, Fitoria, Glass, Rishia Ivyred, Drago, Naynma, Marpei, Kensou, Priestess, Farnese, Melissa, Seimei, Yuria

In addition to the general Crusaders Quest Tier List, we also organize the Crusaders Quest heroes by class for both PvE and PvP modes. This helps you understand which heroes perform best in each game type.

Crusaders Quest Tier List – Archer Class

Archers are the hero class best used from your team’s backline, shooting arrows at enemies. They are masters of dealing massive damage from a distance and can be used to kill enemies quickly from a distance. Choose the best archer for your team with the list of archer ranks in Crusaders Quest.

Hero NameRanking on PVERanking on PVC
Venomous MalkahAA
Spider Queen ArachneBA
Set, Reaper of SoulsAB
Ran the White RavenSS
Rahima, Daughter of HawksCD
Principal Dancer LeeAB
Noble MagnusBS
MoonShadow AltairSB
Moon Princess KaguyaAF
Mai ShiranuiDC
Hong-Ran of FlameSA
High Elf ArcherBA
Hanzo of GaleBA
Haerang, Oracle of WaterAB
Great Father PanpanFD
Giparang of Full MoonBF
Frozen Phantom NivenBF
Femme Fatale AronaCD
Fairy Knight AlmaelSS
Demona of Primal FlamesFC
Chiron of GloryBS
Chipp ZanuffBA
Bone Dragon GonAB
Black MambaBC
Arcane Archer GenevieAC

Crusaders Quest Tier List – Paladin Class

Leading the group on the front lines, the knights were excellent at increasing damage to the enemy. With high armor stats and melee weapons, they can effectively counter all types of enemies. Check out the Crusaders Quest Tier List – Paladin Class to choose the perfect Paladin hero for your team.

Hero NameRanking on PVERanking on PVC
Vane the Dark KnightFD
True Devil CainFC
Terry BogardDD
Sword MaidenSB
Stanya the AnnihilatorFD
Siegfried the Dragon PaladinDF
Sahad NautilusBD
Roland of HonorCD
Odin of the StormBS
Naofumi IwataniBA
Lady Schula of SteelAD
Hector of SteelCF
General MundeokCB
Frost Hammer WolfgangSC
Fenrir of ChoiceCA
Emperor AlexanderAA
Caeneus of ValianceCS
Billy KaneDD
Berserk – VAB

Crusaders Quest Tier List – Warrior Class

If you are looking for a hero that can take some hits, then Warrior is your best choice. Although they have a high armor rating, their resistance stats are not as strong. Crusaders Quest Tier List – Warrior Class will help you choose the best Warrior hero.

Hero NameRanking on PVERanking on PVC
Weiss SchneeBF
Soul Devouring PlagaAC
Sol BadguyAB
Sien of BloodlustDF
Short-Sighted Sim Hak-GyuAC
Shogun SusanooSA
Shasha, Witch of FireCB
Randgrid the FearedBC
Psychic IsabelAC
Omega RugalFF
Ocean King KoxingaBS
Monte CristoBD
Lion Captain GwenBD
Kyo KusanagiDF
Ky KiskeDD
Kaori the UndefeatedSB
Joan of ArcBC
Izuna the VigilanteBA
Iori YagamiDD
Goblin SlayerAS
Ghost King BihyeongrangBD
Forest Witch AritaCB
Devil Slayer AbelFD
Dark Knight LionelCF
Dana IcarusiaBF
Craving NeferBA
Captain B. SwordenCC
Adol ChristinBA
Absolute Devil VivianCF

Crusaders Quest Tier List – Wizard Class

Wizards are heroes who specialize in using magic to attack enemies. These spells can deal a lot of damage to enemies. Therefore, the Wizard is the hero that any squad should have. Take a look at our wizard’s tier list and have the perfect one for you.

Hero NameRanking on PVERanking on PVC
Yichui of MoonblossomSA
Wolfram, Witch of WindCD
Vesper, Witch of WaterSB
Urako of Love and WarSA
Succubus Queen RachelBF
Spade Queen AliceBF
Soul Magician NecronBC
Rishia IvyredSA
Osiris, Guide of the LostSA
Notorious Phantom Thief LupeowBD
Mondrian the SavantCD
Magical Girl CanoBF
Magical Dollmaker VioletFC
Loki the TricksterBB
Han Xiangzi the PilgrimBD
Grand Inquisitor UrielCF
Freezing SasquatchCF
Creator BenjaminCD
Chizuru KaguraFD
Awakened LakiasCF
Archon the EnlightenedAC
Ana of the Golden LilySC

Crusaders Quest Tier List – Hunter Class

Like archers from a distance, hunters are adept at firing projectiles at enemies from a distance. They can be used to deal with large groups of enemies or take out distant targets. Use them wisely with our hunter tier list.

Hero NameRanking on PVERanking on PVC
Wanderer LoreleiAA
Tteok Mama MalsookSB
Super MandyDF
Sentinel RCF
Secret Agent ZahardBD
Ruby RoseCF
Red Bullet SaigaCF
Rags to Riches MomotaroAF
Radiant CarolBA
Penqueen OlgaSB
Nora ValkyrieCD
Lyudmilla, Lady of WhiteAB
Loaded JetFD
Leona HeidernDF
Hummel TrabaldoFD
Gourmand AthosCB
Frost Hunter RavenAB
Fairy Queen DelrienAB
Evil Spirit CrowAB
Elphelt ValentineCD
Elegant CindyAS
Dragon Hunter BellerophonDF
Devil Bullet No. 9BS
Detective Sherlock DoxAB
Dark Slayer WilhelmBD
D’Artagnan of Iron WillCF
Cyborg SpinyAC
Cowgirl MaxiBF
Commander SpyroBF

Crusaders Quest Tier List – Priest Class

Priests are the most versatile of all classes in Crusaders Quest, they can both attack enemies and support teammates by recovering HP. With their healing spells, they can keep your team alive in predicament. The priest is the hero that you definitely need in your squad. Check out our priest tier list to find the perfect priest.

Hero NameRanking on PVERanking on PVC
Woomparoom WoopaSB
Sfera, Queen of SheepBF
Savior Saintess MariaBD
Primitive RannoAC
Orfeo of TemptationSF
Oracle MarpeiBS
Onmyoji SeimeiFD
Nine Tailed Fox YeowoodongBF
Nightingale of LightAD
Neth Army Officer YuriaBD
Mad Scientist SteinCD
Lucky Guy RickySA
Lizardman PriestAA
Kaede of the Scattering LeavesSA
Irregular CronetteSC
Guardian GueronicaBS
Great Shaman HimikoBD
Food Hunter ChaiSB
Faust of DesolationCD
Emergency Relief NurspyAF
Divine Guardian NoelFA
Demon Destroyer BeatriceSA
Dara of JoyAB
Cat Master MewBD
Black Sister MelissaFC
Bari of White FlowersBA
Athena AsamiyaAF
Artisan BasquiatFD
Ambassador SeirenAC


Above is a guide to Crusaders Quest Tier List that Xaogame wants to share with you. You can take advantage of the useful information from this Tier List to find the best heroes and add them to your squad. Follow Xaogame to stay up to date with the latest Crusaders Quest news.