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State of Survival PC

State of Survival is a strategy game developed by publisher Kingsgroup Holdings. This game was released globally in 2019 with zombie element. This is a whole new genre of survival strategy game that combines strategy game with city construction and management.

Introduce about State of Survival

State of Survival PC
State of Survival PC

State of Survival PC is a strategy game with zombie element from KingsGroup Holdings. The context in the game is 6 months after the zombie virus epidemic spread around the globe, as the lucky survivors, your task is to continue to hold your “luck” to get out of the elite. zombie class.

To confront the undead army, the game equips you with a lot of weapons and tools to attack, defend as well as build bases. State of Survival PC’s most impressive feature is the highly detailed 3D graphics that recreates a true post-apocalyptic world. Besides, the gameplay of the game is also quite challenging with many tasks to collect resources and materials to confront zombies.

Gameplay in State of Survival PC

The setting of State of Survival PC will take place in a ruined city ravaged by zombies. Only 6 months after the zombie virus pandemic spread around the globe, everything was destroyed. Only a few people have survived that pandemic. And you are one of those lucky ones. You are a brave warrior trying to survive the zombie invasion.

Not only trying to stay alive, you also have to use available resources to build and redevelop your city. Initially, you will be provided with some basic resources such as tomatoes, wooden planks to build your infrastructure. After that, you will build shelter bases to keep the inhabitants safe. In addition, you also need to regularly upgrade and repair infrastructure such as (houses, farms, …) to prevent zombies from attacking.

Reconstruct world order

As the head of an organization, you are the one responsible for running the long-term roadmap to the reestablishment of human society. Clear boundaries between territories and expand settlements to surrounding areas, then upgrade to play to the next level.

In addition, you must scale up production of resources and promote technological innovation process. It was meant to help improve the lives of the people of Badlands. Your responsibility every day is to direct city activities such as destroying hordes of zombies and defending the city from the onslaught of bandits.

You will lead a combined army, knowing how to combine forces between different races: archers, snipers, melee warriors or motorbikes. Your task force also has a special member, a brave dog!

Zombie Hunter

State of Survival PC
State of Survival PC

The city is infected with the deadly virus. Zombies appear everywhere, making the peace of the city broken. The current world is falling into the hands of zombies and villains. The plague is spreading faster and right now people need a hero to take the lead.

You are one of the lucky ones to survive the onslaught of a pandemic. And it’s time to build a new city with a zombie and monster survival strategy. Accompanying you will also have a few other friends. These people will combine and support you in the reconstruction of the world.

Fight and kill all the zombies and become a true zombie hunter. In FPS mode, you can shoot zombies with a sniper gun. Death is imminent and this battlefield is only for heroes, so build an army of your own.

Do whatever you can with the sole goal of surviving this fierce battle. It won’t be easy to win this battle because infected people are everywhere. Furthermore resources are scarce and you must save what you can from the flesh of society.

How to play State of Survival

Build your settlement to form a safe haven for survivors and the foundation of your post-apocalyptic world! It’s time for your strategy to come true! Time is running out and you have to fight this virus of the walking corpse.

Save survivors from the battle to increase your number and strength. Locate those with special abilities, as they will be the heroes of the plague war! The zombie army disease is changing rapidly. Learn whatever you can to understand it and build your strategy ahead of the invasion. Anyone can control world control infection!

In State of Survival PC, you will have to directly direct a small group of first-class fighters to search for resources and information, including scavenging trash. However, these plans may run into resistance from the nearby undead, and you have to deal with them with defensive towers and traps.

Download State Of Survival for PC

How to download and play State of Survival on PC:

Download and install BlueStacks on your device.

Complete logging into Google to go to PlayStore, or do it later.

Find State of Survival in the search bar in the right corner of the screen.

Click to install State of Survival in the list of search results.

Complete Google login (if you haven’t done step 2) to install State of Survival.

Click the State of Survival icon at the main screen to start playing.

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