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Fail Run

Fail Run is a simple action game from Voodoo with funny situations that are sure to delight you. VOODOO has been trying to bring another video game to life, completing this game is a great way to have an easy and enjoyable time.

Information about Fail Run

  • Category: Action
  • Graphics: 3D
  • Mode: Offline
  • Age: 10 years old and up
  • Publisher: VOODOO
  • Platform: Android 4.4 and up
  • Game price: Free

Fail Run is one of the funniest action games worth the attention of gamers. It has become one of the funniest games, because the ridiculous spectacle of a man walking can get you excited from the very first seconds. The app has enjoyed success and has a ton of downloads on Google Play. With Fail Run, players will learn to walk before running and stumbling on the finish line. Put one foot in front of the other leg and try not to fail.

How to play

Player-controlled characters can have many different skins. Initially, the game proposed to use a normal police officer in a police uniform. But the store menu has lots of Costumes, where you choose one of 75 classic pictures or 16 legendary images. Each interface will open randomly after completing a number of levels or by accumulating experience. The initial levels offer a little bit of experience, filling this or that bottle with new leather, when the bottle is 100% full, players can try out new outfits.

In the first levels in Fail Run, players only face light obstacles such as common floors, concrete blocks, cars and tree stumps. The higher it goes, the more difficult the game becomes. Therefore, after the 10th level, the player will be able to find many boxes, benches, abyss, tall trucks and light poles. The entertaining game contains over a hundred exciting, complete levels that will give players new appearance options.

Graphics and sound

Like many other games from VOODOO, Fail Run also has a minimalistic, unobtrusive 3D style. The creators have developed every detail of the game well, but overall, that doesn’t distract attention. All boxes are positioned within the turret of square blocks, providing shadows and highlights everywhere. The bright palette is also worth emphasizing. The main character’s hair changes color depending on the skin, representing an exact replica of the real outfit.

There was no sound in Fail Run and this developer decision had some stress, because every step required attention. However, in the settings menu on the left, you can enable vibration. When walking, the player can feel the waves. Furthermore, when the character falls, the vibration force will increase even more.


Fail Run is a game with a pleasant style and the main idea of the game is the ridiculous protagonist. These characters have a gait that makes anyone smile. The adult character falls humorously on the racks, the stairs and lands with his forehead to the finish line – all of which may amuse young gamers. Each level of play brings players new obstacles, overcoming obstacles with fun gait and ridiculous falls. Furthermore, each character’s image matches the level setting in different ways.

Download Fail Run – Game for Andoird, iOS

Download Fail Run game for Android:


Download Fail Run game for iOS:


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