1010+ Block Puzzle

1010+ Block Puzzle

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In this game you have to fill the field with figures. Figures appear in the buffer. When a row or column is filled, it disappears. If there is no more space on the field, the figure can be placed in the storage. If you are stuck, use powerful boosters: figure rotation, undo last move and generating new figures. In the Adventure mode, you will find a variety of levels with different goals. In Classic mode, you need to score as many points as possible.


1010+ Block Puzzle is a super fun game that mixes together old and new ways of playing. It’s all about using your brain and making clever moves. There’s a special board that’s 10 squares by 10 squares, and you get to put different shapes on it. But here’s the twist – you can’t just put any shape anywhere! You have to think carefully about where you put each shape to make rows or columns disappear. There are also some cool extra features, like being able to save blocks for later, using powerful tools to help you, and even different modes to play in. And let’s not forget about the pretty colors and relaxing sounds that make the game even more fun. So, if you love puzzles and using your brain, you should definitely check out 1010+ Block Puzzle!

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