Bomb It 8

Bomb It 8

Instructions gameplay

The goal of Bomb It 8 is to be the last one standing on a map filled with foes and obstacles. In Bomb It 8, you can use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to place bombs which will then explode in various directions depending on the placement. To move across the map, follow along the paths. You can also hop over obstacles vertically, but not horizontally. By touching items, you automatically pick them up.


Hey there! Want to have some fun playing Bomb It 8? It’s a brand-new action-adventure game that you can play for free! It’s part of the Bomb It series, and this latest game is super exciting because it has new features like cool characters, exciting challenges, and awesome bonuses that you can unlock as you play. You’re gonna love it! So, let’s get ready to have a blast!

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