Hit The Skibidi

Hit The Skibidi

Instructions gameplay

Just tap the screen when you want to throw diamond sword


Hit The Skibidi is a really cool game where you have to throw a special sword to a character named Steve. You do this by tapping the screen at just the right moment. It’s kind of like aiming and throwing a ball or a Frisbee!

The fun part is, when you get a score of 10, Steve magically turns into a different character called Herobrine. And when you get a score of 20, Herobrine turns into Skibidi Toilet. Skibidi Toilet plays this amazing song called Skibidi Toilet! It’s like a reward for doing really well in the game!

So, make sure you pay attention and try to throw the swords into empty spaces. It’s like playing a game of target practice, but with swords! Have a lot of fun playing this game!

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