Words of Wonders

Words of Wonders

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Each level presents you with a set of letters that you must connect to form words that fit in the crossword puzzle. If you get stuck, you can use hints to reveal random letters in the crossword puzzle. You have a limited number of hints, so use them wisely. Use hammer power-ups to reveal a letter of your choosing. They can be earned by completing certain levels or purchased with in-game gems. With a lot of levels to play, you'll have plenty of brain-teasing fun to keep you occupied for hours.


There are many levels in this game, and each one has its own set of letters to connect. It’s like solving puzzles with your brain! If you ever get stuck and don’t know what to do, you can use hints to get some random letters that might help you. You can also use hammer power-ups to reveal a letter that you want. As you keep playing, you’ll get to see pictures of different amazing places in the world, like the Great Wall of China or the Eiffel Tower! It’s like going on a virtual adventure and collecting cool pictures along the way.

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