Giant Rush! – App, Game for Andoird, iOS, PC

Giant Rush

Giant Rush! – is an action simulation game with the theme of colorful characters. These characters will run through many obstacles and collect guys of the same color to make him bigger.

Information Giant Rush!

  • Category: Action
  • Graphics: 2D
  • Mode: Offline
  • Age: 10 years old and up
  • Publisher: Tap Nation
  • Platform: Android 5.0 and up
  • Game price: Free

Giant Rush! is an obstacle course that brings the player to a wonderful, colorful world.These characters will run through many obstacles and collect the same color guys to make him big. than. In each level, the main character must collect the same color of the characters while jogging around the track.

At the end of each level, you will face off against an opponent in Giant Vs. Fighting giant. Your health is determined by how big you have become by gathering smaller people.

This part of the game Giant Rush! pretty easy to play. You just need to constantly touch the screen to deal damage to the opponent. Conversely, you will also take a bit of damage when the opponent returns. Be sure to exhaust your opponent’s health first to win. If not, you will have to do that level over again.

Download Giant Rush Game for Andoird, iOS

Download Giant Rush game for Android:


Download Giant Rush game for iOS:


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