Honkai Star Rail Tier Líst

Honkai Star Rail Tier List (June 2023)

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There are currently more than 20 adorable anime characters in Honkai Star Rail, and each character possesses special fighting abilities and skills. This makes it difficult for you to choose the right character to explore the fantasy world of Honkai Star Rail. You will find here the Honkai Star Rail Tier List in this article. This tier list is based on performances around the world, simulated universes, forgotten halls.

Honkai Star Rail Tier List

When playing Honkai Star Rail, you will be fighting taking place in a fantasy universe filled with monsters and mysteries. You will explore the whole world with your character. So choosing a character with high strength will help you overcome challenges more easily.

Honkai Star Rail Tier Líst

To help you choose a suitable character, we have compiled a list of tier. The tier list in Honkai Star Rail is divided into 5 tier from high to low, namely S, A, B, C, and D. You can refer to it to choose the best character to develop. In it:

  • Tier S: are the best characters and hold the game’s superpowers. However, Tier S characters are very rare and you can hardly get them.
  • Tier A: these characters can also be considered good units and can be found in the previous summons. Tier A characters are a bit more common than Tier S characters, so you can get them in a variety of ways.
  • Tier B: Tier B units can be easily found in the game, but these are not characters that you can use long-term to fight stronger enemies later on.
  • Tier C and D: these are the characters with the lowest tier. These heroes are only suitable for the early stages of the game and are useful for some special occasions in the game.
Tier Character
S-tier Bailu, Bronya, Gepard, Jing Yuan, Seele, Tingyun
A-tier Clara, Himeko, Trailblazer, Welt, Yanqing, Asta, pela
B-tier Dan Heng, March 7th, Natasha, Serval, Sushang
C-tier Trailblazer (Physical), Arlan, Hook, Qingque, Sampo
D-tier Herta

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Details of Tier S characters in Honkai Star Rail


Honkai Star Rail Tier S

She is an extremely powerful healer, with amazing staying power, just like Natasha. You might be inclined to believe they are nearly identical in terms of performance, but you’ll see why Bailu will start to quickly take the lead in certain cases.

Bailu has an interesting talent that has two effects, the first that functions somewhat as an extension of her ultimate and the second that respawns once in combat. Like the only talent activated by another death.

This is something that is very rarely used in practice unless you’re making a series of bad decisions in combat that lead to a painful and potentially embarrassing death; if you’re in a situation where you’re finding a lot of benefit from respawning, you should probably look to invest in better ways to avoid dying.

However, this is only half of Bailu’s talent and the main part is a mechanic named Invigoration. Energized allies will heal when hit from an enemy, and this can happen twice. This is how Bailu gets a more ‘active’ heal, which essentially heals the damage you would use your skill first.


Honkai Star Rail Tier S

Bronya’s skills target a single ally, increasing their turn by 100% (meaning it’s their turn now) and increasing damage by up to 66% for 1 turn. As if that weren’t enough, this skill also erases a single bug on the receiver.

I don’t need to explain why being able to look at an ally and say ‘hey you, it’s your turn’ is incredibly powerful. The sheer flexibility of being able to influence your team’s turn order is invaluable if you have enough skill points. Need more healing? Target healers.

Want your hypercarry to go a second time? Easy to do. Need to break that enemy immediately? You get it, boss. It’s important to note, if Bronya uses this on herself, she won’t get the previous turn, she will have to wait until her next turn to take advantage of the damage boost.


The Gepard is a resilient tank that can take a lot of punishments and responds instantly, has the ability to expand DEF at later levels, and has some of the strongest unconditional shields in the game with the move. his end. He’s a simple character, but that’s not a joke against him.

Gepard’s skill deals single target damage up to 200% atk and has a 65% chance to freeze the target completely for 1 turn. Just like March 7th’s ultimate, with a little investment in effect hit speed, Gepard’s abilities can become a very reliable source of crowd control, while dealing negligible damage.

You don’t always get to use this skill as you usually want a basic attack to allow an ally to use that SP, but this can be invaluable to try and use in times of trouble.

His ult is definitely the focal point of any setup; he creates a shield for all allies, absorbing up to 45% of Gepard’s defense plus a fixed 600 at max trace level and these shields last for 3 turns. It has a below average mana cost of 100, which means it’s considerably easier to get than other characters’ ultimates, which is good, as this is the only way for Gepard to really reach. be the shield.

Jing Yuan

Being another limited character in Honkai Star Rail, Jing Yuan is more all-arounded than Seele. Jing Yuan is an Erudition Character which deals good AoE DMG. His talent can summon a Lightning-Lord which deals signficant Single Target DMG. To conclude, Jing Yuan is the only Character which works excellent in Multi-target battle and Single target battle.


Honkai Star Rail Tier S

Tingyun is arguably the best honkai star rail tier list 4 star in the game. She allows and facilitates everyone, as well as buffs your main damage dealer and deals negligible damage to herself at the same time.

Tingyun’s skill selects a target ally to Bless. The wording is a bit confusing, but what it does is increase the targeted ally’s atk up to 50% of their base atk (level + light cone value), with the upper limit decided by Tingyun’s atk value. While your ally gets Lucky, they deal an extra instance of lightning damage equal to 40% of their ATK when hitting an enemy. Bless lasts for 3 turns by allies.

This results in the lucky ally essentially getting their attack stats multiplied, allowing for more scaling either by investing in crit or through activating summoner spells and benefits. other dmg% benefits, including Tingyun’s own ultimate.


Seele is a perfect single-target damage dealer on Path of the Hunt, powerful enough to overcome the Hunt characters’ intrinsic weaknesses and attacking hard enough that even resisting enemies take precautions. . attacks. Enemy reinforcements need to be impressive to confront Seele, because the weight will only serve to boost Seele’s destructive power even further.

Seele’s skills deal damage to one target and increase Seele’s speed by 25% for 2 turns. It’s super easy to maintain this boost indefinitely, and the boost is already substantial, meaning Seele is naturally one of the fastest action characters in the game. The multiplier may seem low at first, but with the help of Seele’s talent, her damage skyrockets.

Seele’s ultimate instantly puts Seele in a buff state before dealing damage to a single target. This buffed state will activate its effect on the actual final attack and will also persist for 1 turn after that, meaning Seele’s ultimate is always worth the in-game buff.


Guide Honkai Star Rail Tier List and always make sure to use S and A tier cores in the game as they are the best tier that can give you the best performance. Just refer to this guide and see which units and understand what kind of multiplier you want to perform best in the game.