Idle Tiny Monster Tier List

Idle Tiny Monster

Idle Tiny Monster Tier List (September 2023)

Idle Tiny Monster is a super fun adventure game where you embark on a magical journey to a mysterious island full of secrets and challenges. The game gives you a lot of different pets to choose from for battles with strange creatures. You are looking for the best pets for your squad. Follow our guide with Idle Tiny Monster Tier List, you will find the best pets in the game.

Idle Tiny Monster Tier List (September 2023)

Idle Tiny Monster Tier List
Idle Tiny Monster Tier List

Idle Tiny Monster: Go Evolve is a Pokemon-themed idle adventure RPG. So almost everything about this game is designed to look like Pokemon, starting with the main character, your pet and even your enemies. With beautiful graphics, engaging storyline and challenging gameplay, the game will transport you to a magical and enchanting world.

In the game, you can get various pet monsters through the gacha machine, they will become your battle companions. You can level up and evolve your pets, and equip them with various items such as equipment, seeds, and berries to enhance their combat effectiveness.

This guide will help you find the best pet in Idle Tiny Monster, to help you make the best choice and explore the fun of the game with your pet. That’s why you need to prioritize who to upgrade first and you should read this Idle Tiny Monster Tier List.

Here we will rank all available pets from strongest to weakest so you can make an informed decision about who will be most effective for your team. So check out our Idle Tiny Monster Tier List and start building your dream team today.

Idle Tiny Monster Tier List – All Pets

Idle Tiny Monster Go Evolve Tier List
Idle Tiny Monster Go Evolve Tier List

In this guide you will get complete information about pet tier list of Idle Tiny Monster. With the information mentioned in this list will help you know which are the best pets in the game to add to your team.

In the tier list below, we’ve ranked the in-game pets by considering their strength, rarity, and versatility. This guide will break down the best pets in the game, ranking them from S+ (best) to C (worst). This way you will find your best companion. In there:

  • Tier S+: are the best pets in the game. These are the pets you must have or should own. If you own a tier S pet, don’t hesitate, make it a priority to upgrade them if you can.
  • Tier S: these tier pets can also be considered good units and can replace Tier S+ pets if it’s hard for you to get them. Tier S pets are a bit more popular than tier S+ pets, so you can get them in a variety of ways.
  • Tier A: tier A pets can be easily found in the game. Although not the best pet, they will be very helpful for you to get started.
  • Tier B: tier B pets will have medium strength. These pets are viable but it will take a lot of resources and effort to make them strong
  • Tier C: these are the pets with the lowest rank. These pets are only suitable for the early stages of the game and are useful for some special occasions in the game.
S+Flash M. Kyogre, Flash M. Hoopa, Flash M. Mew, Flash M. Mewtwo, Flash M. Darkrai, Flash M. Cressilia, Flash M. Arceus
SMega Lunala, Mega Solgaleo, Mega Arceus, Mega Hoopa, Mega Jirachi, Mega Meloeta, Mega Cressilia, Mega Darkrai, Mega Mewtwo, Mega Mew
AMega Psyduck, Mega Kyurem, Mega Snorlax, Mega Mimikyu, Mega Deoxys, Mega Kyogre, Flash Venusaur, Flash Burstois, Flash God Ash Pikachu, Mega Yveltal, Mega Xerneas, Mega Zygrade, Mega Giratina, Mega Palkia, Mega Dialga, Mega Keldeo, Mega Victini, Mega Saymin
BGod Ash Pikachu, Infernape, Wobbuffet, Greninja, Flash Gengal, Flash Raichu, Flash Charizerg, Mega Manaphy, Mega Celebi, Mega Ho-oh, Mega Groudor, Mega Rayquaza, Mega Lugia
CMega Articuno, Mega Moltres, Mega Zapdos, Mega Suicune, Mega Entei, Mega Raikou

Note: This is a tier list made based on limited knowledge and testing done for all pets. We recommend just referencing from this tier list while building your squad and it may or may not work for your strategy.

Idle Tiny Monster Tier List – Tier S+

  • Flash M. Kyogre
  • Flash M. Hoopa
  • Flash M. Mew
  • Flash M. Mewtwo
  • Flash M. Darkrai
  • Flash M. Cressilia
  • Flash M. Arceus

Idle Tiny Monster Tier List – Tier S

  • Mega Lunala
  • Mega Solgaleo
  • Mega Arceus
  • Mega Hoopa
  • Mega Jirachi
  • Mega Meloeta
  • Mega Cressilia
  • Mega Darkrai
  • Mega Mewtwo
  • Mega Mew

Idle Tiny Monster Tier List – Tier A

  • Mega Psyduck
  • Mega Kyurem
  • Mega Snorlax
  • Mega Mimikyu
  • Mega Deoxys
  • Mega Kyogre
  • Flash Venusaur
  • Flash Burstois
  • Flash God Ash Pikachu
  • Mega Yveltal
  • Mega Xerneas
  • Mega Zygrade
  • Mega Giratina
  • Mega Palkia
  • Mega Dialga
  • Mega Keldeo
  • Mega Victini
  • Mega Saymin

Idle Tiny Monster Tier List – Tier B

  • God Ash Pikachu
  • Infernape
  • Wobbuffet
  • Greninja
  • Flash Gengal
  • Flash Raichu
  • Flash Charizerg
  • Mega Manaphy
  • Mega Celebi
  • Mega Ho-oh
  • Mega Groudor
  • Mega Rayquaza
  • Mega Lugia

Idle Tiny Monster Tier List – Tier C

  • Mega Articuno
  • Mega Moltres
  • Mega Zapdos
  • Mega Suicune
  • Mega Entei
  • Mega Raikou


Above is a guide to Idle Tiny Monster Go Evolve Tier List that Xaogame wants to share with you. You can take advantage of the useful information from this Tier List to find the best pets and add them to your squad. Also, follow Xaogame to stay up to date with the latest Idle Tiny Monster Go Evolve news.