Infinity Party Battle

Infinity Party Battle – an attractive strategy game for mobile with tower defense gameplay combined with blockchain platform from the publisher Clegames. When participating in this game, you will experience fun infinity wars and diverse game modes. Download this game to your phone and fight hard to earn a lot of virtual money through INFI code and NFT magic card.

Information about Infinity Party Battle

Infinity Party Battle is a strategic tower defense game that relies on the strength of the game’s core heroes. In the game, you will use your heroes to defend strongholds from monster attacks. Fight monsters in this endless P2E for money game to earn crypto INFI tokens and NFT magic cards.

Infinity Party Battle will allow you to recruit many different heroes and unlock new skills such as reducing the movement speed of monsters, teleporting allies to any position on the chessboard… In addition, you need to use smart strategy, combining the strength of heroes together to win every battle.

It can be battles against city invaders to protect the virtual cryptocurrency tower in the game, or it can be epic battles with other players to wipe out tons of monsters to collect NFT encrypted tokens. price. Infinity Party Battle has many modes and modes of play in Infinity Party Battle. Depending on your preferences and forte, you will proceed to fight your way on both solo and online arenas.

Simple fighting gameplay

If you are a newbie to Infinity Party Battle, you can still easily get used to the gameplay of the game. At the start of the game, you’ll be taken to a map that’s symmetrical about the vertical of the screen, and can only interact with your own map.

On each map there is only one path the monster will take. Your task is not to let monsters cross that path. For each passing monster, you will lose 3 lives. When you run out of 100 lives, you lose and have to start the game again.

The game does not allow you to actively choose which heroes will go to battle, instead they will appear randomly on each roll. The combo function allows you to match 2 heroes with the same suit to create a new, classier hero, of course with higher stats than the old card.

Infinity Party Battle features a series of real-time PVP battles between players around the world. You can choose to fight PVE, PVP, Co-op, Solo, team fight or challenge yourself through Boss Battle levels. Either way, your feats are recorded through the collection of valuable in-game items.

Many game modes for you to experience

If you are a lover of tower defense strategy games, then Infinity Party Battle is definitely a game that you cannot ignore. Infinity Party Battle Mod has 2 game modes that take place in real time including PvP against guest players and Co-op working together to destroy enemies.

Real-time PVP battles with global matchmaking, PVE, PVP, Co-op, Solo, Team and Boss battles. In PvP mode, the person who stays on the battlefield the longest is the winner, while in Co-op mode, you must cooperate with other players to win.

A special thing that attracts many players is that all the bosses in the game have different looks and they can use many different skills. Some bosses have stun skills, some have slow skills, and some can deal massive damage. To defeat them all, you need to find your weak points and change your tactics accordingly.

To earn SP points, the player can pick up from destroyed monsters to destroy during the game. In addition, MP points can also regenerate themselves with up to 20 MP points in 1 game. The game has a very rich card system and is divided into 2 types: Character Cards and Magic Cards. Players can arrange their deck with up to 5 Character Cards and 5 Magic Cards.

Features in game

A big part of the gameplay of Infinity Party Battle is the role-playing mode. You will get points in battle, which not only leads to Lucky Box, but also unlocks many heroes with superior skills.

Infinity Party Battle is designed with sharp 3D graphics and a convenient top-down view. Create unique characters with beautiful combat effects. Realistic sound effects are also a big plus of the game when it comes to exciting and dramatic melodies.

You will be amazed at what you can do with the NFT Magic Cards you get from the Lucky Box in the Infinity Party Battle. You can trade them with other players for virtual currency or exchange them for MATIC. These cards have many effects, including increasing your team’s ATK, increasing your CRIT chance, adding Synergy, and increasing your Damage Range. In addition, you can use them to reduce the HP of enemies or slow them down.

The great thing about NFT Magic Cards is that they can be used in a variety of ways, and how you use them can have a significant impact on your battles and overall wealth in the game. So it’s up to you to decide how to use these powerful cards to get the most out of them!

Infinity Party Battle codes

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Infinity Party Battle – an attractive strategy game for mobile with tower defense gameplay combined with blockchain platform from publisher ...