Lonely Survivor Tier List

Lonely Survivor

Lonely Survivor Tier List – Best Skill (September 2023)

Lonely Survivor is an exciting adventure roguelike game from the publisher Cobby Labs. In the game, you can harvest endless enemies, upgrade your skills, and defeat fearsome enemy armies. Lonely Survivor gives you a lot of skills with different strengths, effects and stats. In this guide, XAOGAME will help you to know which skills are best through Lonely Survivor Tier List.

Lonely Survivor Tier List (September 2023)

Lonely Survivor Tier List
Lonely Survivor Tier List

The wave of enemies is coming, get ready for a battle of heroes? Continue to collect EXP and gold dropped by enemies to improve your fighting ability. Upgrade equipment and talents to expand your own advantage and create the secret recipe to win.

Are you looking for Lonely Survivor Tier List? Here we have written complete information about skill level list for this game. With the information we mentioned in this list, it will help you know what is the best skill to equip your character. Now you will understand why this Lonely Survivor Tier List is important in this gacha game.

In this list, we have ranked the skills in this game by looking at their strength, damage. Millions of people play Lonely Survivor and this is the game where players take on the task of harvesting Endless Enemies.

As you progress, the game becomes more and more difficult and the percentage of enemies will increase. Enemy bosses must also be harvested mid-game. It is difficult to survive in the game for a long time but through this Lonely Survivor Tier List Best Skill, you will be able to survive longer by choosing the right skill.

In this Lonely Survivor Tier List, we will tell you about all the skills after testing them. Lonely Survivor’s skill tier list will help you kill enemies quickly. We’ve ranked all skills according to our own unique structure in 5 levels from S+ (highest) to C (lowest) in this tier list.

  • Tier S+: these are the best skills in the game and you should add it to your character. S+ tier skills will deal huge damage and have a high cast range.
  • Tier S: these tier skills can also be considered good skills and can replace S+ tier skills if you don’t own it. Skills in this tier are useful but they are no better than skills in S+
  • Tier A: Skills at A rank are good, but they are not as strong as higher levels. Tier A skills are not too powerful but not too low either.
  • Tier B, C: These tier skills have very low damage and can’t kill many enemies, we don’t recommend using Skills from Level B.

Here is the list of skill ranks for Lonely Survivor:

S+Static Storm, Thunder Field’s
SST Domain, Range Extension, Toxic Swamp, Frost Bird, Flame Bird, Absolute Domain
AAttack Increase, Multiple Casting, Tornado, Boomerang, Meteorite Technique
B,CWhistling Arrow, Icicle, Shuriken, Powerful Launch, Robust Health, Lasting Mana, Laser Cannon, Weakness Strike
Lonely Survivor Tier List

Lonely Survivor Tier List – Best Skill

Lonely Survivor Tier List – Tier S+

  • Static Storm
  • Thunder Field’s

Lonely Survivor Tier List – Tier S

  • ST Domain
  • Range Extension
  • Toxic Swamp
  • Frost Bird
  • Flame Bird
  • Absolute Domain

Lonely Survivor Tier List – Tier A

  • Attack Increase
  • Multiple Casting
  • Tornado
  • Boomerang
  • Meteorite Technique

Lonely Survivor Tier List – Tier B

  • Whistling Arrow
  • Icicle
  • Shuriken
  • Powerful Launch

Lonely Survivor Tier List – Tier C

  • Robust Health
  • Lasting Mana
  • Laser Cannon
  • Weakness Strike

All Skills in Lonely Survivor

All Skill in Lonely Survivor
All Skill in Lonely Survivor

ST Domain

  • Deal damage to the enemies around yourself yourself
  • Increase damage and Expand attack range
  • Increase damage and Reduce attack interval

Toxic Swamp

  • Randomly generate 1 piece of the poison cloud
  • Increase 1 piece of poison mist and Expand the attack range

Laser Cannon

  • Launch 1 laser in the direction your face
  • Increase duration
  • Increase damage and Expand attack range


  • Throw 1 boomerang
  • Throw 1 boomerang and increase the Damage
  • Increase damage and Increase speed

Through this skill, you can increase the damage percentage of your weapon.

Flame Bird

Fire Flamming missiles clockwise

Attack Increase

Attack + 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% and many more.

This Attack Increase skill increases your attack by a percentage. The attack of whatever skill you are using will increase by some percent.

Multiple Casting

Skill – Trajectory Number +1


Skill – Launch 3 Tornado in random direction.

This Tornado skill will increase as you progress in the game. With the increase in skill, you will be able to do more than 3 tornado attacks.

Meteorite Technique

Skill – Increase 1 Meteorite Increase damage

In this skill you will be able to increase maximum 5 meteorites.

Whistling Arrow

Skill – Increase 1 Whistling Arrow increase damages

In this you will be able to increase 5 whistling arrows.


Skill – Attack enemies in a horizontal area

With this skill you will be able to harvest the Enemies of the horizontal area. After reaching 5 numbers of this skill, you will be able to kill more Enemies in the horizontal area.


Skill – Increase 1 Shuriken

In this skill, you will be able to increase the number of Shuriken up to about 5.

Powerful Launch

Skill – Trajectory Speed +10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and many more.

Robust Health

Skill – Max HP +20%, +30%, +40%, +50% and many more.

Lasting Mana

Skill – Duration +10%, +20%, +30%, +40%, +50% and many more.

Laser Cannon

Skill – Launch 1 laser cannon in the direction you face

Maximum 5 laser cannons can be launched in this skill.

Weakness Strike

Skill – Crit rate +3%, Crit damage +10%

This percentage will increase as many Weakness strikes you select as your skill.

About Lonely Survivor

Information about Lonely Survivor
Information about Lonely Survivor

Lonely Survivor is an extreme adventure game. In the game, you can endlessly harvest your enemies, upgrade your skills, and defeat the enemy’s menacing army. Constantly upgrade skills and equipment to enter more intense battles behind.

Lonely Survivor builds a non-stop fighting style, taking place continuously. The game has a lot of cool features for you to experience the most interesting. You have to deal with hundreds of different enemies from all sides alone. You need to transform weapons to make them stronger, equip more defensive items to fight bravely and become the greatest hero.

You need to control your main character in the game to move skillfully to both attack and defend effectively. Each enemy is destroyed, you will receive the corresponding experience to help the hero level up. The more you play, the more you will feel drawn because the enemy will increase in number and strength, then you will choose to upgrade or unlock new skills for the warrior to fight. Making the right decisions can help your character withstand the big attacks behind.

To progress further in the game Lonely Survivor, you need to upgrade your warrior’s skills. Upgrading your character will be unlocked when you reach a certain level required by the game. In 1 level, you will be faced with 3 random choices that give the best advantage when fighting. They can be: Attack effects, ability to protect or increase damage to enemies.


Above is a guide to Lonely Survivor Tier List that Xaogame wants to share with you. You can take advantage of the useful information from this Tier List to find the best skills and add them to your team. In the future, this list may change because the game will update with new skills or change their power. So follow us to get the best information.