Nexus War Civilization Guide and Tips for Beginners

Nexus War Civilization

Nexus War Civilization Guide and Tips for Beginners

Hello to all players of Nexus War Civilization who are fighting to survive in the apocalypse. Today, Xaogame will teach you how to become better in Nexus War Civilization. As a new player, you will face a lot of difficulties at the beginning, so we decided to share with you the Nexus War Civilization Guide and Tips for Beginners.

Nexus War: Civilization Guide and Tips for Beginners

In Nexus War Civilization, in the pre-selected role of destiny, you will have to build a powerful army to fight and destroy the enemies that invade your planet. You are one of the last survivors and must give your all to win back this world for the glory it once had.

There will be a lot of strategic battles that you have to go through to achieve this. So don’t get confused or despair about how you handle the game because we can guide you today.

This Nexus War: Civilization guide is for new players who are playing this game right now and we’ll give you some tips for success today. You won’t need to struggle with initial difficulties in the game anymore as this guide will help you learn how to play and get lots of resources quickly.

Select your race

Select your race
Select your race

At the beginning of the game, you will choose a race from the 4 main races of the game. And at this point, you may be asking the question “what is the best race in Nexus War Civilization?”. To know the answer to this question, you must have an overview of them, so now let’s look at them one by one.


The Aoku is a race with great physical strength, and its first hero is Cayman. It has 5% tank attack speed, 4% training speed, and 5% marching speed against raiding armies.


Theia deal with lightning blessings, and this race is more of a mage race. And we have Pyronia here as the original hero of the Nexus War Civilization and you can get 5% increased infantry attack power, 4% healing speed and 5% scout speed with attack. Race this into your gameplay.


In the Human race there is Katherine as the first hero and this race does not have any special powers. They specialize in their own attacks and powers, and we have 5% artillery attack, 2% build speed, and 5% march speed of rallying troops with humans.


Izan is a race with Itri as the original hero, and we can see that it has 5% tank attack speed, 2% research speed, and 5% movement speed of launching troops. excited.

Please note that whatever race you end up with here can be later changed, so you don’t have to make it a great deal for their skills. But still, if you want to know the Nexus War: Civilization’s best race, we prefer the Aoku because it has the overall best stats as well as the best strength to face enemies than others.

Upgrade the Building

Nexus War Civilization Guide and Tips for Beginners
Nexus War Civilization Guide and Tips for Beginners

If you don’t know what to do next, focus on the first job that is upgrading your buildings. There will be a city wall, a farm, infantry barracks, a gas well and an original factory that can be earned by upgrading and if you want to upgrade immediately you will have to use coins. In addition, there is another option that is repair. If you choose this option, your heroes will take some time and then upgrade your buildings.

After upgrading buildings, your base will become stronger. This means you will survive longer and overcome many threats. Because these upgrades will prevent monsters or enemies from attacking your base, so make sure you upgrade the building as much as possible.

Complete the Chapter Tasks

Complete the Chapter Tasks is the next goal you need to work on. Almost all gacha roleplaying games have chapter quests and they give you lots of rewards. There will be different missions that you have to perform throughout your gameplay, and all of them have multiple objectives. If you manage to complete them successfully, you will receive various rewards.

However, keep in mind that chapters will have different missions, and the more chapters you complete, the more valuable the quests will be. From there you can recruit many heroes at once, repair or whatever. Sure, if you do all of these things, you’ll progress faster in Nexus War Civilization.

Increase the Power of Your Armies

After completing the chapter quests, you will accumulate many resources. If you want to win wars, you need to use resources that you can upgrade and strengthen your army. Without doing this, you will have no chance of winning your battles, which makes you very vulnerable to enemy attacks.

There are two ways that you can do to increase your strength and the first way is to train their units. You can also try to increase this power with more rescued refugees, and that will give you more strength to march.

Using Nexus War Civilization Codes

As a new player, you may not know what Nexus War Civilization Codes are, but you can understand it simply like this. Essentially, the Nexus War Civilization Codes are a collection of alphanumeric characters that are combined together to form a piece of code.

By redeeming them in the game’s redemption center, you will be able to get more perks while playing. It can be some items, resources or anything else you want to progress further in the game and the best thing is that the official developers of the game provide these.

But there are some things you need to keep in mind before using the code. The first thing is that you cannot use them twice and you are not even allowed to change them even with a space. Codes are very sensitive to writing and another thing is that they really have a short time to work in the game. After a certain period of time, they will expire and you will no longer be able to redeem the codes.


Xaogame would like to end the Nexus War Civilization Guide and Tips for Beginners here. Now it’s your turn to turn it into the most powerful play using all the tips. If you are new, we hope that this guide will help you while playing the game, so get ready, consult the guide and work your way to becoming successful.