Oh God! Heaven or Hell game for Android, iOS

Oh God

You are looking for a good game with high entertainment and especially easy to play. So try the game Oh God now! this. It will certainly not disappoint you. Oh God is one of the best offline games for mobile today with more than 10 million downloads on Google Play.

Introduction Oh God!

Oh God
Oh God

Oh God! is a casual game with a high level of entertainment. Along with that is the beautifully designed graphics and special gameplay that helps to attract players. This is a puzzle game with many different levels of play on the theme of angels and demons.

Here, you will become the ruler of both heaven and hell. You can judge the physical and mental world and decide the fate of the souls. Being the ruler of heaven and hell is not easy. Sometimes you can be an evil god, and that presents the different challenges ahead.

Remember that all divine powers are in your hands. In Oh God ‘s world holy justice will always be done and evil will be eliminated.

Introductory video about heaven and hell in the game Oh God:

Gameplay Oh God

Oh God
Oh God

Oh God is a game with a theme revolving around good and evil. Where you will complete all challenging levels from easy to difficult with a setting in heaven and under hell. Since most of the setting takes place in heaven and hell, every level will be a transition between these two morals.

One second, you will send your wealth to the less fortunate on Earth. Or you can even bless a few of your angels with wings and aura. On the other hand, you may be heating up the gates of hell for those who have abandoned you.

But no matter what, God wouldn’t be the one to be judged. Because he is the only one with such power. All God’s decisions can change the lives of billions of people on this earth.

How to play game Oh God

With Oh God, you will be able to create a paradise world just for you. There will only be good things, good people, and good deeds. Those who do well will become angels. On the contrary, those who do evil deeds will be sent to hell.

You can completely customize this sanctuary with various fountain statues, props and other furniture. In addition, things can be upgraded to become even more lucrative.

For all souls who have found their way to heaven, they deserve the best. As a loving god, you will give them the best experiences for their afterlife.

Swipe up to bring your righteous soul to heaven and swipe down to send sinners to hell! Purify the heavens by classifying evil wings. Open the door to the afterlife.

Continue to earn more foothold in heaven and hell by playing mini-games. You can then return to your mall and continue to buy more accessories and upgrades.

Download game Oh God for Android, iOS

Download Oh God! game for Android:

Download Oh God! game for iOS:

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