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Omniheroes, Tier List

Omniheroes Tier List – Best Characters (September 2023)

Omniheroes is a simple yet engaging strategy RPG mobile game with a hero theme in the fantasy world. In it, you will play the role of brave adventurers and help the haunted Valkyries in a dark world. To win in Omniheroes, you need to assemble a good squad with powerful heroes. Therefore, you need to understand the strength of the characters in the game. To help you do this, we’ve compiled this Omniheroes Tier List guide with essential information.

Information about Omniheroes

Omniheroes is an accessible tactical mobile RPG where you will play as brave adventurers and help the haunted Valkyries in a dark world. The game promises to bring you dramatic battles, exciting adventures and many promising surprises.

In Omniheroes, you will have the opportunity to summon and collect dozens of legendary heroes, from which to build your own strategy to face extreme challenges. Vivid 2D HD graphics and unique combat effects give you a great experience.

In addition, the game also has attractive features such as exploring various roguelike levels, dramatic PVP battles and exploring the game world through joining guilds and facing challenging Bosses. Get ready to be a true hero in Omniheroes and uncover the mysteries in the enchanting fantasy world.

Break through the darkness, rescue the captive Valkyries from the Devil, and fight together against the threatening evil world! Summon legendary heroes, unlock multiple synergies, and combine hundreds of party elements at will! Indulge yourself in strategic battles and reward idle gameplay with summoners around the world!

Omniheroes Tier List (September 2023)

Omniheroes Tier List
Omniheroes Tier List

An ideal squad includes not only strong characters, but also a balance between attack, defense, and support to sustain and overwhelm your opponent in a fight. With the gacha summoning system, you have a chance to get new heroes to add to your squad.

In Omniheroes there are over 100 different characters designed and modeled by top graphic artists, unleashing breathtaking skills in stylish 2D graphics. However, each character will have different strengths, fighting styles and playstyles suitable for certain battles. Therefore, you must know the strength of each character to make the most accurate choice.

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You must have the best team composition here to handle your battles in the best way, so your advantage in the game comes only from the best hero. You have to match your team with different synergies, this is done only by choosing the best heroes.

The characters in the game have different powers according to their rarity. Just like Legends Scrolls, in Omniheroes it is a fact that fully upgraded 5-star characters are always better than fully upgraded 4-star characters, so if you are looking to invest and upgrade , you should choose the characters with the highest rarity in the game as well as being relatively accessible.

Before learning about the characters in Omniheroes, you should follow the list of ranks below. In this list, we will rank characters from high to low through various evaluation criteria. This means that your characters will be put into a ranking system that will categorize their full strength one by one and there are a total of three ranks here as follows:

  • Tier S: Tier S is the rank that comes with the strongest heroes. They hold the best skills and abilities, and if you decide to upgrade one of them, you won’t fail under any circumstances. These characters all possess outstanding skills, are easy to combine with the squad, and all have powerful and powerful skills.
  • Tier A: Tier A characters are also considered good characters and can be substituted for Tier S characters if you have a hard time getting them. While not too OP, they can do great in most stages and game types including PVP. These characters are still enough for you to win, as long as you can combine the right squad, know how to increase their strength.
  • Tier B: tier B characters can be easily found in the game. Although not the best characters, they will be very useful for you for the starting stage. Tier B characters are weaker than S or A tier characters for one reason or another. This is because they mainly act as support characters and rely heavily on resources to level up.
  • Tier C: tier C characters are the ones you should avoid picking at all costs, as they have no potential; you will end up wasting time and resources better spent developing other characters.
  • Tier D: by looking at all the ranks above, these can be called the least powerful ranks, but we are not saying they are not useful. They are used in our game and would be ideal to use in your game as a beginner with a little effort. Because they don’t have much power, only average skill.

Here is the latest updated Omniheroes Tier List for (September 2023):

SNyx, Macaria, Talanis, Talos, Lily & Lia, Mastena, Guinn, Janna, Lachesis, Arkdina
AKarnak, Albert, Atropos, Victoria, Salleine, Hallios, Aiushtha, Dullahan, Marina, Eudora, Minotaur
BDorabella, Athena, Emily, Marlena, Merlin, Nawi, Solomon, Doris, Sylvan, Bastet
CThemis, Franz, Elune, Persephone, Osse, Carola, Anubia, Catrina, Ellie, Ashlyn
DMedusa, Atalanta, Baal, Clotho, Stannard, Bjorn, Diana, Bojji, Jerald, Brutus, Yasuke, Pervical

Best Characters in Omniheroes Tier List


Macaria is the best characters in Omniheroes. She can deal a tremendous amount of melee damage while providing shield protection for her teammates. She is one of the main warrior characters of the Valiantors synergy and her attacks are even more effective against damage-reduced enemies.

She is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for an all-around powerful character that can handle tough fights with ease.


Nyx is also a core warrior of the valiantors synergy and can deal brust damage. She has the ability to weaken her enemies by stealing their Shield effect with her Dreamsteal skill. In terms of power, she is slightly less powerful than Macaria but still very capable of providing immense damage oupput.


Bets Characters in Omniheroes
Bets Characters in Omniheroes

We will place Persephone at the top of Omniheroes Tier List because the value she brings to your squad is immense. She’s a great support character that any squad should have. As a healer, she is the most important type of support character in the game.

There is a global buff in addition to the power bonus that ensures that high destructive enemy teams can’t fire a single shot at your squad. Since most players try to take down your backline quickly, you should try to own Persephone to get past them.

Full healing is something she brings to your team. Full Heal is the best heal all support characters want. Having two skills that have high healing on multiple targets means she’s simply the best support in the game. However, do not think that Persephone is just a support character that does not deal much damage.


Bets Characters in Omniheroes
Bets Characters in Omniheroes

Another character that we want to talk about is Atropos, a support character but the amount of damage she deals to enemies cannot be underestimated. Many people mistakenly believe that Atropos is a shamanic character.

Unlike Persephone, Atropos specializes in buffing allies with their ATK stats. Therefore, when you have Atropos on your team, your team will have a high output of damage and increase the ability to kill the enemy team immediately.

In terms of damage dealt, Atropos deals above-average DPS, which isn’t impressive on her own but the fact that she deals damage to her entire team. Atropos also helps heal her entire team, but there are many top players who still include characters like Persephone on their teams.


Bets Characters in Omniheroes
Bets Characters in Omniheroes

Emily is the character that gives the highest damage out of all the DPS characters in Omniheroes. As a mage, she unleashes nuclei that deal global magic damage to multiple enemy targets, often bypassing tanks and threatening to kill those who heal and deal damage.

Emily also applies a cumulative Corrode debuff. Each attack deals the target 12% of your ally’s average attack per turn. With 5 stacks, it’s almost guaranteed to wipe out the enemy team completely.

As a mage with high damage, Emily will be very sought after. Additionally, Emily also heals her entire team thanks to a small amount of damage in her ultimate, which is ridiculous since it means her team also gets more stamina than the cost. value she brings as a DPS character.


If you are looking for a great Tank character then Solomon is the best choice. Solomon’s mission is to entice the entire enemy army to attack him while keeping himself alive. Most tank characters do well in either of these jobs while being average at best at the other. Solomon is excellent at doing both and even does a great job of providing extra DPS to pressure kill the enemy team.

If that’s still not good enough, he also shares a percentage of his healing with his allies. This is why almost all high ranked teams always add Solomon as their main tank.


Salleine is a great mage that provides the highest single-target damage out of all the characters in the game. He can summon a familiar next to him for extra damage and the amount of passive skills he has that boosts his overall ATK means his basic attacks I deal as much damage as a normal skill.

He is the ultimate tank destroyer and can tear through the front lines with ease. This is exactly why he is almost always included in high global heal teams as his passive causes his ATK stat to increase every time he is revived. blood.


So you have received some information related to the Omniheroes Tier List and the necessary instructions when getting started with the game. Also, don’t forget to follow us regularly to keep up to date with the latest tier list information. In addition, in the future, the developer will update more new characters and then this list may change.