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Pixel Fantasia, Tier List

Pixel Fantasia Tier List (September 2023)

Pixel Fantasia is an interesting idle role-playing game with pixel graphics from the publisher Superbox. The game has a lot of beautifully designed characters and you can collect hero cards by winning matches or through some special events. The game has many interesting features but one of them is Spirits.

Spirits are companions that help the protagonist during battle. However, not all Spirits have the same power. So we decided to share with you Pixel Fantasia Tier List guide to help you understand who are the best Spirits in the game.

About Pixel Fantasia IDLE RPG

Pixel Fantasia Gameplay
Pixel Fantasia Gameplay

Pixel Fantasia is an old yet new idle adventure game. Old here it’s idle RPG gameplay and familiar gacha system. New for players lies in the storyline and beautifully designed characters. Pixel Girl accidentally came from another world destined to save this world! Let’s start the adventure to save this pixel world!

Cartoon characters are drawn in a beautiful 3D style. From the character to the boss and the scene can make you feel excited. Rewards and game content are also extremely diverse for you to explore. When you win the match, you can collect different colored gems and gold coins.

In the game, you will be constantly surrounded by goblins and monsters. Only a fast speed can help you fend off these attacks. Just touch the screen areas where monsters appear, you can attack these monsters.

Above each summoned beast’s head are red horizontal lines representing their health stats. Each hit of the knife if not strong enough will not be able to kill them. It is not until the blood flow is exhausted that they disappear and some will turn into gems. After that, the gem will automatically be added to your item backpack to use.

Pixel Fantasia Tier List (September 2023)

Pixel Fantasia Tier List
Pixel Fantasia Tier List

Welcome to the Pixel Fantasia Tier List guide! In this guide we will help you build the best squad. Never think that all Spirits in Pixel Fantasia have the same power. Because each Spirits will have different stats, playstyle and they can be suitable for many different tactics.

In this gacha game, the important thing is which strategy you will build and which Spirits to add to that squad. That squad must be made up of the best, strongest Spirits. Therefore, you need to understand all of the Spirits in the game from skills, versatility, rarity, …

That’s why we wanted to share this guide with you. Through this guide, you will know who are the best Spirits in Pixel Fantasia. The following tier list is based on our gaming experience and can serve as a useful guide in a variety of situations.

In this guide, we’ve looked at the strength, rarity, and versatility of each Spirits to rank them from high to low. Because each Spirits has their own strengths and weaknesses, we’ll break down the Spirits and rank them from tier S (best) to tier C (worst). This way you will find your best companions. In there:

  • Tier S: are the best Spirits of the game and these are the OP’s strongest heroes. Tier S Heroes are Spirits that you must have or should own. If you own Spirits tier S, don’t hesitate to prioritize upgrading them if you can.
  • Tier A: Tier A Spirits are also considered good Spirits and can replace Tier S Spirits if you have a hard time getting them. although not so OP, they can do great in most stages and game types including PVP. Tier A Spirits are a bit more common than tier S Spirits, so you can get them in a variety of ways.
  • Tier B: tier B Spirits can be easily found in the game. Although not the best Spirits, they will be very helpful to you for the starter phase.
  • Tier C: The strength of tier B Spirits is just average. These Spirits are viable for some stages of the game but it will take a lot of resources and effort to make them powerful.
SGod of Fire Phoenix,
Priest of the Waves Dione,
Flame knight commander Ignis,
Batgirl of the Flash Luna,
Madness Sekhmet
BWindfury Wolverine,
Frost Fox Miho,
Green Dear Syniam
CNo Spirits Tier C

Best Spirits in Pixel Fantasia Tier List

Pixel Fantasia categorizes souls into four different class types so you can easily choose the best spirit for your three-man spirit team. So here are the best classes and spirits from each class.

Fire Spirits

Fire Spirits are those who possess the power of eternal flame and thus accumulate these elements to use them against their opponents. These level souls are considered to be the strongest spirits because it is easy to say that fire is the strongest element we can witness on earth.

Fire Knight Commander Ignis is one of the most powerful Fire Spirits. This character has the ability to harness the power of fire, turning it into a powerful flame that can be used against enemies. Ignis then attacks the enemy with three different attack patterns:

  • Phoenix Rune: This attack contains the power of the phoenix in a wide area and then attacks up to 12 enemies at once. The incoming attack deals 1166% damage 9 times higher than the normal attack.
  • Red Sword Style: This attack thrusts a giant flaming sword forward to hit up to 14 enemies for 285% damage 7 times.
  • Meteor Attack: This attack hits up to six enemies with a forward-facing flaming sword, dealing 1500% damage three times.

Water Spirits

Water Spirits are people who possess the power of water. Just like Fire Spirits, these spirits accumulate the energy of water, convert them, and then spray water to attack their enemies. They are considered second most powerful because of their manipulative characteristics that they do with the water around them.

Priest of the waves Dione is the best Water Spirits in the game. This character has great potential and the special thing is that she can finally collect groundwater while fighting against difficulties. Here are the main attacks she uses the most between battles:

  • Waves of Life – This attack increases the affinity of water by 39.50% for 10 seconds.
  • Shark Wave – During this attack, the water shark attacks in a certain area and affects 6 enemies for 500% damage 6 times.
  • Strong Water Pillar – When the player uses this attack, the spirit stores water energy and explodes it in a wide area and affects 15 enemies for 1850% damage 7 times.

Earth Spirits

Earth Spirits mainly use natural elements such as trees, wind, and microorganisms found in the earth’s soil to attack their opponents. Earth Spirits will have a lot of unique attack patterns with massive damage attacks that are almost incomparable to any other attack for different classes.

The master of wisdom, Jegal-Hyeon is the best Earth Spirits you can choose from in the game. The character uses natural entities and thus defeats the enemy in a split second. Here are the special attack skills used by him:

  • Divina Vajrapani – During this attack, armor penetration speed increases by 10.30% for 15 seconds.
  • Diagram Eight – this attack unleashes a powerful formula containing the power of nature in a wide area to hit up to 15 enemies with 5000% damage 15 times.
  • Golden Dragon – While using this attack, a summoned golden dragon attacks up to 10 enemies for 1750% damage 8 times. In addition to this attack, the enemy’s attack speed is reduced by 100% for 5 seconds.

Mage Spirits

Mage Spirits are genius wizards of the Pixel world. This class devises the opponent’s scariest attacks and illusions. When the opponent is engulfed in this profound hallucination, the Mage Spirits will cast their spell and defeat them in the meantime.

Goddess of wisdom, Athena is the best magician on the deck of spirits. The character holds a lot of magical resources and combines them all together to defeat the enemy in their most fearsome way. Here are the best attacks used by Athena in the middle of battle:

  • War Blessing – This attack grants 51.25% crit attack damage for 10 seconds.
  • Judgment Day – This special attack hits up to 9 enemies with a rate of 800% 5 times with a sword that judges enemies with part of its power in a wide area.
  • Blinding Light – This attack creates a pillar of light in a large area, using part of your power to hit up to 12 enemies for 1500% damage 6 times. Additionally, this attack taunts enemies instantly for 5 seconds.


Above are all the Pixel Fantasia Tier List guides that we want to share with you. You can use this information to find the best Spirits to accompany you to explore the world of Pixel Fantasia. Don’t forget to follow us regularly for the latest Tier List updates. Because in the future, the developer will add more new spirits.