Puzzle Games

Puzzle Games are games that bring many challenges to players. These games have gameplay that requires a lot of brainpower to win. Puzzle Games will require players to use a lot of brain power in both reasoning and logical thinking to solve difficult puzzles.

The game will pose situations or types of questions that require players to complete them. Usually, the difficulty of the puzzles will increase over time, giving players time to get used to the experience.

More interesting is that most Puzzle Games allow you to play games without an Internet connection or without necessarily a video game, be it a board game or a puzzle.

For Puzzle Games Online, you can play online on gaming sites without having to download it to your device. At Xaogame, there are many Puzzle Games for you to choose from with a full range of games from traditional to modern, helping you train your thinking.

Casual Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are not necessarily based on jigsaw puzzles and mahjong tables. There are games that break that mold to create something more casual and fun, like Slide Hoops 3D, Jelly Merge, Gun Head Run. All of these games have puzzle elements while providing a relaxing pace.

3D Puzzle Games

With the development of advanced technology, game developers have created many 3D games with beautiful graphics, vibrant colors and realistic gameplay. In it is indispensable 3D Puzzle Games.

Lateral thinking puzzles

Are Puzzle Games that require you to use non-linear thinking, that is, solve puzzles or problems that the game poses through an indirect approach. Next is to use creativity that cannot be won by ordinary logical thinking.

Mathematical puzzles

In this category, you will have a set of given data or conditions and can only solve them using math, processing numbers to find the answer, no need for you to have a fancy imagination. rich. This can be seen as a type of logical thinking or mathematical thinking.


These are games that contain many levels of metaphorical meaning. You will be given a bunch of data that is almost meaningless but will be related to a certain topic, your task is to find that relevance point so that you can find the correct answer.

Spot the difference

Two photos will appear and at first glance will be the same but there will be a few points that are different. Your task is to find all these differences. To increase the difficulty, people usually limit the number of picks and the time limit. When either of the above returns to 0 before you get all the answers correct, you lose.