Smash Legends Codes

Smash Legends Codes (June 2023)

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Smash Legends – a fun and engaging moba-style online action game for mobile devices. Currently, the number of players of this game is quite large, so the number of people searching for Smash Legends codes is a lot. In this article, XaoGame will share with you a list of Smash Legends Codes and also show you how to quickly redeem in-game gift codes.

Summary about Smash Legends

NameSmash Legends
Developer by5minlab Corp
Game genreAction
Compatible withAndroid 5.0 and up, iOS 9.0 or later
Get it onGoogle Play, App Store

List of Smash Legends Codes

As a Smash Legends player, you certainly cannot ignore the Smash Legends redemption codes and gift codes. As of today, we have listed all the free gift codes available for Smash Legends. You can redeem these codes for gems, coins, and other exclusive items.

Smash Legends Gift Code
Smash Legends Gift Code

When you enter the world of Smash Legends, you have the opportunity to receive many rewards, gift codes and many in-game items, from rare items to valuable currency. However, it’s important to note that these gift codes all have expiration dates, meaning that if you don’t enter them quickly, you could miss out on the rewards they offer.

Code NameRewards
GLOBALClaim for Boost
GamingWithKevSwing Speed Boost (NEW)
SMASH!250 Strength, 500 Coins, and 100 Gold Hammers
BOOST15-minute Strength & Coin Boost

When it comes to gift codes, every second counts. As soon as you get them, you should enter them into the game to reap the rewards. These tokens are typically expired, meaning they expire after a certain amount of time. Don’t risk missing out on the free bonuses and make sure to enter them as soon as possible.

To enter the code, you need to be careful and make sure to enter it correctly. Codes can include special characters, numbers, and lower/uppercase letters. You should always double-check the code before submitting. An easy way to do this is to copy the code from the list above and then paste it in the specified redemption section in the game.

By redeeming gift codes correctly, you can enjoy various rewards that can help you progress faster in the game. These rewards may include free in-game items, currency, or other rewards. Keep an eye out for new gift codes and make sure you take advantage of them as they become available.

How to redeem code in Smash Legends?

How to redeem code in Smash Legends
How to redeem code in Smash Legends

With Smash Legends codes, you can redeem many valuable rewards to help advance quickly in the game. However, if you do not know how to enter the code, it is a pity. So, Xaogame will show you how to quickly redeem codes in Smash Legends with just a few steps:

Step 1: Launch the game and log into the game. When the game screen pops up, click the “Menu” button on the right side of your screen, then tap the “Settings” button.

Step 2: A new window will appear, tap on the “More” tab and click the “Coupon” button.

Step 3: Enter the code we provided above in the “Please enter coupon code” section.

Step 4: Click “Confirm” button to get instant in-game rewards.

How to get more Smash Legends Codes

How to get more Smash Legends Codes
How to get more Smash Legends Codes

You are looking for gifts and rewards in Smash Legends. You won’t have to look any further because our Smash Legends gift codes can help you get exclusive in-game items like gems, coins and other exclusive items.

The publisher of Smash Legends, 5minlab Corp. is very pleased with gamers, every time a new Smash Legends code is available, they immediately announce it on their social networking channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Discord and Reddit. Here are a few ways you can get your new Smash Legends codes:

  • Follow the official Smash Legends social media accounts: The developers of Smash Legends often share codes on their social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So, make sure to follow them to stay updated.
  • Check the Smash Legends Discord server: Smash Legends has an official Discord server where players can interact with each other and the developers. Sometimes, codes are shared in this server, so it’s worth checking it out.
  • Participate in Smash Legends events: The developers frequently organize events in Smash Legends that reward players with codes for participating and completing various challenges.
  • Keep an eye on gaming forums and websites: Sometimes, Smash Legends codes are shared on gaming forums or websites dedicated to mobile games.
  • Join Smash Legends communities: There are several Smash Legends communities on social media platforms, like Facebook groups, where players share tips and tricks and also codes. Joining these communities can help you get more codes.
  • Check this website: Sites like ours may aggregate and share active Smash Legends gift codes lists.

Remember that codes are usually time-limited and have a limited number of uses. So, make sure to redeem them as soon as possible.

Information about Smash Legends

Information about Smash Legends
Information about Smash Legends

Smash Legends is a free-to-play mobile game developed and published by 5minlab, a South Korean game development studio. The game is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Smash Legends is a multiplayer arena brawler game where players compete against each other in real-time battles. The game features a variety of characters, each with unique abilities and playstyles. Players can choose their favorite character and engage in battles in different arenas. The game also features a ranking system, where players can climb up the ladder by winning matches and earning rewards.

The gameplay of Smash Legends is fast-paced and dynamic, with a variety of game modes, including Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Domination. The game also has a matchmaking system that matches players with opponents of similar skill levels.

In addition to the standard gameplay, Smash Legends also has a variety of skins and cosmetics that players can collect to customize their characters. These items can be obtained through in-game events, challenges, or by purchasing them through the in-game store.

Overall, Smash Legends is an exciting and fun game for players who enjoy fast-paced, competitive multiplayer battles. The game’s unique characters, variety of game modes, and ranking system make it a popular choice among mobile gamers.


That’s it, you’ve got the entire list of new, working Smash Legends codes compiled by us. Follow us regularly to receive new codes and not miss out on in-game rewards. If you have any questions regarding Smash Legends gift codes, you can leave your comments below.

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