Unknown Knights Tier List

Unknown Knights

Unknown Knights Tier List (September 2023)

Unknown Knights is an interesting and engaging role-playing game from the publisher CookApps. This pixel-based game offers you tons of characters, giving you endless opportunities to collect and evolve different types of knights. Each character in Unknown Knights will have their own skills and strengths, so you will not be able to know which is the best character. With this Unknown Knights Tier List, XAOGAME will help you know which is the best character to make the correct choice for the squad.

Unknown Knights Tier List (September 2023)

Welcome to the Unknown Knights Tier List. This game is the ultimate paradise for pixel enthusiasts who crave a fascinating character collection experience with endless creative possibilities. You will have the opportunity to collect and develop a variety of knights, this thrilling RPG adventure is sure to satisfy your desire to collect characters and hoard items.

Dive into a rich and immersive world filled with knights from all walks of life. Unknown Knights offers you a lot of unique characters from skilled archers to mighty warriors, you can collect and upgrade many different knights to create the ultimate army.

Unknown Knights Tier List
Unknown Knights Tier List

In Unknown Knights, you will have to collect many characters and use them to create a stronger team. There are plenty of growth opportunities with some endless resources that you can use in this game, and being ready for what’s in store for you is a must. So you better prepare yourself with some of the coolest characters, as it can allow you to build a mighty team.

However, with such a diverse number of characters, it will be difficult for players to choose the right character to add to their squad. That’s why we created the Unknown Knights Tier List to help you find the solution to this problem. Now you will understand why this Unknown Knights Tier List is important in this gacha game.

This is where XAOGAME’s Unknown Knights Tier List comes in handy! We’ve ranked the best characters in the game to help you build the ultimate (deck) lineup and win against your opponents.

In addition, you can use Unknown Knights Codes to get Gems, Goblin Dungeon Keys, Secret Mine Keys and many other exclusive items. These are all important resources in Unknown Knights, used to shop, upgrade characters, etc.

Unknown Knights Tier List – Ranking

We have ranked all the characters in Unknown Knights in 4 different tiers from high to low with Tier S (highest) and Tier C (lowest). This list takes into account a variety of factors including hero stats, abilities, and synergies. In addition, this order is determined by the flexibility of the character. In there:

  • Tier S: these are undoubtedly the best, and all the players should give their whole attention to start the gameplay with these heroes since they are literally the best.
  • Tier A: and we have a good-ranking hero here, and they will be close to the S-tier strengths. Although they don’t have the exact powers as the S tier, they will also make it to the top by having some superpowers to continue the gameplay.
  • Tier B: here, we are going to have decent heroes. It means that they have some middle-level of strengths, and they are either not good or bad. For some situations, these heroes will be doing the best for you, but please note that they don’t have much value to the gameplay.
  • Tier C: the least skilled heroes will be ranked here, and they are not recommended for any player. Generally, it is wise to avoid these heroes because they don’t have much capacity to handle the gameplay from a superior level.
TierUnknown Knights Character
SAmber, Winter, Tristan, Wilhelm, Aqua, Lilith, Agnes, Kari, Metal, Ravia
ARaven, Violet, Asura, Eclipse, Solum, Elronde, Demos, Hilda, Bernhard, Reon, Desperado
BRyo, Natasha, Rocca, Anemone, Trinich, Snow, Helio, Arsis, Detro, Bjorn
CFlamme, Vento, Ohen, Ren, Delphine, Gwen, Tineh, Kerus, Berek, Zemune, Kevin, Blitz, Felson, Jonadhan, Hora, Yuis

Best Hero in Unknown Knights


Amber Unknown Knights
Amber Unknown Knights

Amber belongs to the Earth race and the Sniper class. According to many players, Amber is the best character in Unknown Knights. Her basic attack and Penetration stats have the highest damage of all the characters in the game.

Therefore, Amber can defeat all enemies even the most difficult opponents. Amber’s skills are great to help her increase her stats and attack enemies from a distance. Owning Amber in the squad will help you easily win against any opponent.


Winter Unknown Knights
Winter Unknown Knights

Winter belongs to the Water race and the Assassin class. Winter’s damage is also huge, not inferior to Amber’s, especially her skills can target multiple targets at the same time. Amber’s skills not only increase attack stats, but also increase area damage, reducing the target’s attack speed. If you combine Winter with a strong defensive character, Winter will be the main factor that helps you change the course of the battle.


Tristian Unknown Knights
Tristan Unknown Knights

Accompanying Amber of the Sniper class is another character named Tristan. Tristan has great damage, accuracy, and armor penetration, so he can take down opponents quickly even against tough enemies. Tristan is also very good at dealing Aoe damage as his skills will fire countless arrows from the sky that aim at the target in a wide area.


Wilhelm is a character of the Machine race and the Tank class. In Unknown Knights, he is the best Tank character. Wilhelm is not a character with a strong combination of DPS and defense, but is very effective at blocking and protecting teammates thanks to high HP and Defense. Wilhelm’s skill set is also quite impressive as it can help him increase survivability and apply bad effects on enemies. Wilhelm is the best choice for the tank position of any formation.


Aqua is a character from the Water race and the Support class. She is the ultimate healer you should have in your squad. With Aqua on your team, you can overcome the toughest battles. Aqua’s skill set includes HP recovery as well as skill effects enhancement for all allies.

Aqua doesn’t have as much strength as Amber or block as strong as Wilhelm, but she is the best support character in Unknown Knights. With powerful healing abilities, Aqua makes it possible for your team to fight long and difficult battles.


Lilith Unknown Knights
Lilith Unknown Knights

Lilith is a character from the Shadow race and the Mage class. Lilith’s ability summons a black hole and deals 450% of the ATK of enemies in an area for 3 seconds and drags them to the center of that black hole. This Aoe skill will help you kill enemies quickly if you know how to use it.


Agnes is a Water and Support class character. Agnes is a typical ranged character in Unknown Knights. Her skill allows her to throw meteor shards at all enemies and deal massive 430% damage over 3 seconds and increase by 20% with each fire fusion level.


Kari is a Wind and Support class character. She is one of the great supporting characters in Unknown Knights. Her ability creates shields to protect allies for 3.5 seconds and increases their attack speed by 25%. If you unlock her weapon skill, all of the above effects increase and create an area of wind that deals 30% of Kari’s ATK every 0.5s to all enemies near her.


Above is the Unknown Knights Tier List that we want to share with you. You can take advantage of the useful information from this Tier List to find the best characters and achieve high rankings in the rankings. In the future, this list may change due to possible updates to the game with new heroes and power changes. So follow us to get the best information.