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Z Escape

Z Escape – an exciting action shooting game designed with minimal graphics. The game will take place with a first-person perspective of the player with dramatic shootings to rescue those in distress.

Information about Z Escape

In the Z Escape Game, players will be faced with many enemies. Your mission is to destroy them and rescue the citizens of the city. The enemy will be very crowded and you are alone and in hand is a gun. Citizens of the city are fleeing atop the building.

The enemy was attacking them from all sides. Destroy them before they catch up with the fleeing citizens. If all citizens are captured again, you will have to redo the mission from the beginning. In some levels of the game will appear giant iron balls and barrels of explosives. Dropping the iron ball and exploding the dynamite will help you destroy more enemies.

Rescuing the more citizens, the greater your reward will be. Hop on the back of the helicopter, eliminate all enemies along the way and save as many citizens as possible! But you won’t be able to save everyone so use your surroundings to support yourself. Are you ready? There is only one way to find out!

Download Z Escape Game for Andoird, iOS, PC Windows

Download Z Escape game for PC Windows:

PC Windows

Download Z Escape game for Android:


Download Z Escape game for iOS (iPhone, iPad):


Video about Z Escape gameplay

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